Node-Red on Onepanel:

You can build Node-Red flows by creating a workspace with a Node-Red environment.  They are pre-built with TensorFlow, Python, NumPy, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, and NVIDIA CUDA libraries for GPUs.  

Creating a Node-Red Workspace:

Node-Red on Onepanel allows you to build complex flows between different inputs, functions, and outputs as APIs which can be consumed by external platforms.

You can find the complete Node-Red documentation here:

Node-Red Machine Learning Module:

Follow these steps to install the Node-Red Machine Learning module and to build your first machine learning flow.

1.) Click the side menu icon and select "Manage palette"

2.) . Click Install and search for "machine learning".  Then click install "node-red-contrib-machine-learning"

3.) Select functions from the machine learning palette from the left menu:

4.) . Start building your machine learning flows.  You can find the complete instructions here:

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