First, if you are working in a Jupyter or H2O notebook be sure to click the save button from on the Notebook:

Using the Code Commit feature 

  1. Extend the right hand panel in a Workspace and look under the "Code" panel.
  2. Click "Pull Latest" to ensure that the workspace has the latest code.  A modal window will pop up, showing the git messages being executed.
  3. Click "Push Changes", this will push the latest changes in that workspace to the code tab.

Note: If any git errors are generated in steps 2 or 3, you will need to use the CLI commands below to resolve them.

Successful "Pull Latest" message:

Using CLI and Git

Open up Terminal in your Workspace by clicking the terminal button ">_" in the lower right hand corner:

If you have made changes in a different workspace you will have to use pull command to update the files in your workspace:

onepanel pull

You can now use git to commit your code:

git add .
git commit -m "<comment>"
onepanel push
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