Projects are the highest level container and are the first thing you will need to create to get started.   

Tip: Projects can also be shared with other users, see Collaboration with Others for more information.

To create a Project, click on the "Create" button:

You will then be prompted to provide a name for the project.  Project name criteria is listed below:

  • 3 to 25 characters
  • lower case alphanumeric
  • '_' can be used
  • must start and end with alphanumeric

Tip: Select a project name that is descriptive of the overall goal for the project.   Keep it simple and unique the project may be shared with others.  Using a project name that is too similar to others may cause confusion.

Creating a Onepanel project from Github:

You can easily clone a project from GitHub by copying the GitHub URL from the GitHub repository:

Then pasting it into the GitHub URL

Creating Projects with CLI

To initialize an existing directory as a project:

onepanel projects init

To create a new project and its corresponding folder:

onepanel projects create <project-name>

Clone an Existing Project

Project code can be cloned as follows:

onepanel clone <account-name>/projects/<project-name>

 For example, to clone the "examples" project:

onepanel clone onepanel-demo/projects/examples

Pushing your code:

onepanel push

Pulling the latest changes:

onepanel pull
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