Clone a Dataset

If you want to make changes to a dataset, you first have to clone it:

onepanel datasets clone <dataset>

Pushing Updates to Datasets

Syntax for pushing updates to Onepanel datasets is as follows:

Usage: onepanel datasets push [OPTIONS]

  Push up changes in the current folder to a dataset


  -a, --account TEXT    Dataset account owner.

  -d, --dataset TEXT    Specifies a dataset to push to

  -p, --path TEXT       The path in the dataset to upload to.

  -m, --message TEXT    Add a message to this push.

  -n, --name TEXT       Add a name to this push.

  -u, --update-version  Create a new version and push.

  -q, --quiet           Minimize chatter from executed commands.

  -b, --background      Run in background.

  -w, --watch           Watches and pushes any changes to local files.

  --delete              Delete files if they don't exist locally.

  --help                Show this message and exit.

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