Node-RED on Onepanel:

You can build Node-RED flows by creating a workspace with a Node-RED environment.  They are pre-built with TensorFlow, Python, NumPy, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, and NVIDIA CUDA libraries for GPUs.  

Creating a Node-RED Workspace:

Node-RED on Onepanel allows you to build complex flows between different inputs, functions, and outputs as APIs which can be consumed by external platforms.

You can find the complete Node-RED documentation here:

Node-RED Machine Learning Module:

Follow these steps to install the Node-RED Machine Learning module and to build your first machine learning flow.

  1. Click the side menu icon and select "Manage palette"

2. Click Install and search for "machine learning". Then click install "node-red-contrib-machine-learning"

3. Select functions from the machine learning palette from the left menu:

4. Start building your machine learning flows. You can find the complete instructions here:

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