Creating a Onepanel dataset from a Kaggle dataset using the Kaggle API is easy and can be accomplished in a few steps

First, create a Onepanel workspace with storage that is bigger than the Kaggle dataset you're downloading.

Next, open JupyterLab or Onepanel terminals and create the Onepanel dataset, ideally in the /onepanel/input  folder:

cd /onepanel/input
onepanel datasets create <dataset-name>
cd <dataset-name>

Then, set Kaggle credentials:

export KAGGLE_USERNAME=datadinosaur
export KAGGLE_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now you can download Kaggle competition files or datasets as follows:

kaggle datasets download zillow/zecon

Refer to the official Kaggle API documentation for additional commands and information.

Finally, push your files to the Onepanel code repo:

onepanel datasets push
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