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Onepanel makes it easy to chain bash commands by using && , || and ;


onepanel download onepanel-demo/datasets/kaggle-camera-dataset 
&& python -uiw -x -b 8

You can also pass arguments into your script to easily adjust hyperparameters.

import argparse

# Training settings
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='PyTorch Algorithm')
parser.add_argument('--batch-size', type=int, default=64, metavar='N', help='input batch size for training (default: 64)')
parser.add_argument('--test-batch-size', type=int, default=1000, metavar='N', help='input batch size for testing (default: 1000)')
parser.add_argument('--epochs', type=int, default=5, metavar='N', help='number of epochs to train (default: 10)')
parser.add_argument('--lr', type=float, default=0.01, metavar='LR', help='learning rate (default: 0.01)')
parser.add_argument('--momentum', type=float, default=0.5, metavar='M', help='SGD momentum (default: 0.5)')
parser.add_argument('--seed', type=int, default=1, metavar='S', help='random seed (default: 1)')

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