Onepanel has 2 ways to collaborate with others.  The first way is to grant full access to an object by adding a Onepanel user as a member of the project.  The second way is to make that object public.

You can make an object public by clicking on the 'Settings' > 'Options' > 'Public' . Now this object (Notebook or Dataset) can be seen by anyone with access to the URL on the internet.  Selecting 'Private' will remove any publicly facing access to this object

NOTE:  Onepanel Workspaces are not visible in the project.  

NOTE:  Anonymous public users will not have the ability to create, update, or delete any objects (code, files, jobs, etc...)

TIP:  User can request shared access to the project by contacting the Project owner where they can grant appropriate access

Requesting access to share by 'Contact Owner' button:

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